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Walk Highlights
his year, for our 3rd Annual Walk, The Women's Club of Westlake, in conjunction with Jackson Township public schools, truly outdid themselves when they raised over $60,000 benefiting the New Jersey Race for the Cure® in Princeton. This unique partnership more than doubled the Women's Club's donation from last year and keeps them on the same level of sponsorship as those giants of industry such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Commerce Bank, Johnson & Johnson, and Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield. In our first year, we shocked the New Jersey chairperson when we presented her with a check for $10,800 and became a Silver Sponsor.  Last year, we reached for the Gold Sponsorship category of $15,000. New Jersey Network covered our event and reported it in earnest - although we reached for the Gold, we made Platinum by raising $29,000.

This Is Why We Walk - If it hasn't already, breast cancer will touch someone you know - female or male.  The Walk is about survival and raising support to save more lives.  It's about protecting those we love and remembering those for whom the answer did not come soon enough.  The monies we raise are earmarked for research, education and to provide mammograms and other health resources for those who have no insurance or cannot afford to pay for services within our State of New Jersey.

The Westlake Women's Club Breast Cancer Walk Committee is comprised of an outstanding group of dedicated women who work tirelessly to make this annual event such an enormous success.  "We are truly humbled by the generosity and spirit of all those who participated, and completely awed by the outpouring of money and support from the teachers ,students and parents alike in Jackson's public schools." On November 15th, 7:30 pm, the Westlake Women's Club will be presented with a check from the schools for over $27,000 (monies are still coming in) at the next Board of Education meeting.

In addition to the monies raised by the schools through their own walks, they went one step further and held a Breast Cancer Awareness Week which allowed the children to become educated about a disease that claims an untold number of lives - both women and men - every year. We were very gratified that we met with such an incredible degree of support and enthusiasm." We hope this event will be bigger next year and raise more money to eradicate Breast Cancer.

The Women's Club at Westlake Continues to Walk for the Cure !

The sky was gray and gloomy the morning of October 11th, but not for the Women's Club at Westlake. For them, the sky was clearly blue as ever when over 250 people gathered at the Clubhouse and joined together for our 3rd Annual Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Walk for the Cure, benefiting the New Jersey Race for the Cure of Princeton.

There were many familiar faces that have been supporting us for the past three years - Donna Sprecht from Ann Clarke Fitness started us off with a warm up routine that readied us all to walk. Mayor Broderick was joined by Deputy Mayor Kafton and Committeeman Giblin. During the Mayor's greetings, he announced the Township increased their Mayor's Cup Fund donation this year and presented us with a check for $1,500! He then proudly led our walkers around the Pine Lake Circle course. With the Township's check, our total raised as of the Walk was $33,800 - but we didn't stop there!

The Walk is a labor of love beginning with fifteen dedicated committeewomen who work throughout the year organizing Walk logistics as well as soliciting our existing sponsors while continuing to expand our donor base. We are very fortunate that we have gained the support of so many local businesses, the Jackson Chamber of Commerce and business owners in neighboring towns. We work diligently to spread the word that "Together We Can Make a Difference."  This year, we reached out to our new neighbors at South Knoll who walked with us and of course, we continue to receive the support of our Jackson community residents who make their donations to us at Jackson Day. We also had a successful kick-off Pasta Dinner at the clubhouse on Sunday evening, October 10th. Over 250 of our Westlake community neighbors enjoyed wine and cheese followed by a sumptuous buffet. The highlight of the evening was the Silent Auction prizes which included four box seat tickets to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

This year, we furthered our cause by partnering with the Jackson Township schools. The week following our Walk, seven of our schools held a Breast Cancer Awareness Week and participated in their own walks. The monies raised benefited our cause. On November 15, several of our committeewomen attended the Board of Education meeting where the participating schools presented the Women's Club a check for over $27,000 (there were still monies coming in as of this writing!)

Last year, when we presented our $29,000 check to the Susan G. Komen New Jersey Race for the Cure, we were honored to become one of their platinum donors. We are most humble to share this level of sponsorship with Bristol-Myers Squibb, their host sponsor, Commerce Bank, Johnson & Johnson and Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The Committee drove to Princeton in mid-November to present our check to the Susan G. Komen New Jersey Race for the Cure Committee. The total exceeded $60,000!! They were overwhelmed and most appreciative of our efforts - their Race was canceled this year because of Hurricane Wilma. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost in

Seventy-five per cent of the monies we (they) raise is earmarked for research and to provide education, mammograms and other health resources for those within our state who have no insurance and cannot afford to pay for services.

As our 3rd Annual Walk comes to a close, to all who helped us throughout the year, we say many, many thanks for your dedication and support in making our Walk the success it was. You are our success and your continued support demonstrates that together, we TRULY are making a difference. 

See you next year!

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